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Woolf OrchidCulture is one of the largest orchid nurseries in Australia and takes pride in producing the widest range of artificially propagated species and hybrids available in Australia. Our range of Australian Epiphytic, Lithophytic and semi-terrestrial orchids is unequaled, combine this with our large range of exotic Species and the huge variety of hybrids makes us an authority in the field.

Our specialties in the following Genera are well known, Australian Native Dendrobiums, Australian Native Sarcochilus, Oncidium Alliance,Promenaeas and Zygopetalums producing many Award and Show winning clones.

We take pride in producing the finest quality Orchids from our huge Stud Collection and selecting for you, fine clones and seedlings from around the World. This ensures our clients will win many Awards and Show prizes, and enjoy many rewarding hours of pleasure growing and flowering our Orchids.

Our large range of seedlings and mericlones are unequaled in Australia for quality and variety, sold as Protocorms, Flasks, Community Pots, tubes to Blooming size ensures there is a size to suit everyone, both Hobbyist and Commercial growers.


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ABN 45 443 107 384

John, Jeannie, David & Carolyn Woolf

Located at Cnr. Anzac Avenue & Colvin Street ( 57 - 65 Colvin St )
Drayton, Queensland 4350

Postal Address

PO Box 6018
Clifford Gardens
Queensland 4350


John & Jeannie

Phone Numbers

John's Mobile
0418 730824
+61 07 46301788
+61 07 46302762 

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